About YourTV Smiths Falls

Community is at the heart of all we do.  For decades YourTV has been helping connect residents to the community through truly local programming. Our programming driven by local volunteers looks deep into the diverse local culture that makes our community unique. 

Programming on Cogeco's YourTV covers everything from local politics and health care to educational issues, local sports, entertainment and more. It’s about who we are and what makes our communities so special. Our Programming is focused on you… the community. It is not just the programming we create that defines us - it is the connections we build. Whether it's staying in touch with relevant information or bringing you exclusive access to local events, YourTV makes it all possible. 

As an example, FYI on YourTV is a weekly program hosted and produced with the assistance of YourTV by local resident and longtime community advocate Kathy Botham. FYI looks at anything and everything community throughout Smiths Falls, Perth, North Grenville and between, helping provide a voice to those that need it most.  YourTV is also well known for its coverage of Junior hockey and other local sports. Our coverage brings the action of local sports into the homes of viewers providing yet another way to help keep residents connected to their community.

Programming is available on YourTV, an exclusive service provided to Cogeco television subscribers and is available on Cogeco channel 700 or EPICO channel 100. You can also keep in touch by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at yourtvsfalls.

Have a show idea or would like to appear on an existing show? Interested in volunteering? Reach out to us through our contact us section on our website.